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Coco Palms units hit the open market

Posted: Saturday, Jan 06, 2007 - 11:10:03 pm HST

WAILUA - Let the bidding begin.

A scale model of the completed Coco Palms project is available for viewing at the sales office in the Coconut Marketplace.
Dennis Fujimoto / The Garden Island

Coco Palms Ventures, LLC, developer for the soon-to-re-open Coco Palms Resort in Wailua, launched residential sales this week for the revamped resort made famous by Elvis Presley and the movie gBlue Hawaii.h

Pricing starts at $1 million.

The lagoon- and ocean-front units range from one- to three-bedroom.

There will be 200 residences in all, spread between four buildings on the famous tract on Kauaei Eastside, which featurefs Hawaieifs largest coconut grove.

Developers are planning a pedestrian bridge over Kuhio Highway to Wailua Beach.

The interiors were designed by Mary Philpotts and accentuate the many textures, patterns and materials of Kauaei and the coconut grove.

gIn the old days, when life was slower and islanders traveled on foot, there was time to appreciate what the Hawaiians called the eaina, the land,h Philpotts said in a press release.

gThe attributes of specific locations were uniquely significant and were recorded by oral historians and celebrated in chants and songs.

The Coco Palmsf distinct legacy as a place of nurturing and renewal was established by Hawaiian aliei (royalty) and was continued, until recent times, by kamaeaina innkeepers who defined a unique style of Hawaiian hospitality that honored and celebrated times gone by.h

Wailua has long been a land sacred to chiefly rulers.

It was Punanuikaiaeaina, leader of the early Marquesan settlers, who placed a restriction on the land, the river and the ocean near Wailua.

The area, known as Wailua Nui A Hoeano, or Great Sacred Wailua, was the center of court and religious life for the Hawaiians, the exclusive domain of the high chiefs and their courts.

Kauaeifs last reigning Chiefess, Deborah Kapule, maintained her residence on the land Coco Palms now occupies.

The resort opened in 1953 under the guidance of legendary general manager Grace Guslander, but did not become a household name until 1961, then gBlue Hawaii was released.

Virtually destroyed in 1992 by Hurricane eIniki, the resort has been a shell of itself, a decaying eyesore along the Eastsidefs only thoroughfare, though still a popular photo op for curious visitors.

Now, Coco Palms Ventures aims to retain much of the resortfs original ambiance throughout the 200 condos, 48 cottage-style suites and two restaurants.

gCoco Palms is a true reflection of Kauaeifs extraordinary beauty and legacy,h Phillip Ross, Coco Palms Ventures principal, said in a release.

gWe look forward to restoring the magic that still lives in the hearts and minds of people who remember the grandeur of the old Coco Palms, and introduce her to those too young to remember that bygone era.h

Construction period is expected to last at least two years, with a target opening date of late 2009.

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