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Blue Hawaii
  Aloha! Coco-Palms.com welcomes your questions and comments. Below are some of the more commonly asked questions about the Coco Palms Hotel.

  • Reservations? - The Coco Palms Hotel is CLOSED. Reservations are not being taken at this time.

  • Reopening Date? - No specific date has been announced yet for the reopening of the Coco Palms. For the latest news, please visit the Articles section.

  • Blue Hawaii Weddings? - For information about Blue Hawaii Weddings at the Coco Palms done by the legendary Larry Rivera please contact: LarryRivera@hawaiian.net
    To view a Blue Hawaii wedding slideshow.

  • Property access? - The grounds of the Coco Palms are CLOSED. A fence has been put up around the property for security and safety reasons. Coco-Palms.com encourages everyone to respect the wishes of the owner and NOT venture onto the property.

  • Photos, memorabilia, memories to share? - If you'd like to share your photos, a piece of memorabilia, or a treasured memory from the Coco Palms, please contact us at: aloha_2007@coco-palms.com *

  • Questions or comments? - Please send your questions or comments about this website to: aloha_2007@coco-palms.com *

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