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Coco Palms Memories

Here are more fond memories shared by former guests and visitors of the Coco Palms Hotel.

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"My only childhood visit to Hawaii (age 11) took my family to the Coco Palms in 1960 for three days. I was in awe of the landscape, the unique buildings and the exotic evening activities. I coudn't wait to take the outrigger canoe available to guests to paddle in the canals."

"I also remember the bamboo fishing pole provided in our room - didn't catch anything, but helped an equally inexperienced angler unhook the fish she pulled from the canal with a similar pole. The stay has always remained in my mind as the ultimate Hawaii experience."

Dave Harkins
Westlake Village, California USA

. . . . .

"My husband and I had our honeymoon at the Coco Palms resort. It was the best time we ever had. The best memories we have is when we walked into the room and saw the great pineapple fruit basket. The shell sinks, the night torchlight ceremonies, and the music and drums."

Wendy O'Kane
Chisago City, Minnesota USA

. . . . .

"My memory of the Coco Palms is staying there with my kamaaina family in the very early 70's. You could rent a little fishing pole and use bread balls to catch fish in the moat surrounding the restaurant. I remember my Mom telling me I'd have to throw the fish back in the pond before we left... I had put a few in the bathtub to keep them alive.

"It was really pretty. I remember it having long walkways and tons of coconut trees. And a huge waterway. My brother and I really liked that. The sunset would cast incredibly long shadows of palms all along the lawns, and it was almost architectural due to their long, graceful arcs."

Kit Grant
Honolulu, Hawaii USA

. . . . .

"For many years, I vacationed at the venerable Coco Palms Hotel. I enjoyed many hours listening to the lady who ran the gift shop 'talk story.' I have so many happy memories associated with the Coco Palms.

"One particular funny memory was when one of the gardeners showed my husband how to husk a coconut. For several days, he complained of a stomach ache, then I discovered he was eating 4 or 5 coconuts a day!"

Kathryn Loveland

. . . . .

"I remember my husband and I walking hand in hand in the coconut grove of the Coco Palms when a storm came up. We hid under the most gigantic leaves I have ever seen, emerging totally dry just minutes later into the sunshine. The elegance was enchanting and almost magical, but the simple pleasures I remember most."

Ginny Haley
Mt. Vernon, Illinois, USA

. . . . .

"In February, 1991, I was deeply in love with a wonderful man, and have always remembered our fabulous week-long stay in the cottage at Coco Palms. After a hot day of sunbathing on a remote beach, we put lots of bubble bath in the lava-stone jacuzzi (which I learned later you are NOT supposed to do) and couldn't get the jets to turn on."

"When the fellow came in to help us, I'll never forget the look on his face when he saw all those bubbles! But he didn't scold -- just showed me how to operate the tub, and then left. I'm sure he laughed all the way back to the main hotel! That was the most romantic week of my life. I couldn't believe the hurricane destroyed such a wonderful place! Please rebuild it so we can come back and create more fabulous memories."

Vivien W.
Denver, Colorado, USA

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