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Coco Palms Memories

Here are even more fond memories shared by former guests and visitors of the Coco Palms Hotel.

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"My husband and I were married at the Coco Palms Chapel on July 6, 1981. The minister was a little man, old but frisky! He crabbed my tush as I was signing the certificate after the ceremony. Larry Riviera and his wife sang."

"It was so wonderful that we returned on our tenth anniversary and renewed our vows. The minister was new but Larry was there to sing for us. It was so romantic and beautiful I wish we could do it again for our twentieth anniversary."

Joan Hutson
Yorba Linda, California, USA

. . . . .

"A particularly delightful benefit of staying at the Coco Palms was a Christmas pageant called 'Christmas with Aloha' that was conducted in the Coco Palms Queen's Audience Hall, by the Showtime Menehunes, a talented group of local children."

"We were entranced by the talent, beauty, and joy those lovely children displayed as they danced and sang their way into our hearts. It is a treasured memory!"

Debbie & Rick Smith
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

. . . . .

"I recall so many magical memories of Christmases and Easters at Coco Palms. One New Year's Eve my brother was the proclaimed New Years baby (at the age of six)! He wore a sarong as he was paddled down the lagoon to the dining room for all to see. He almost fell into the water as the fire works began! Actor Rory Calhoon was the proclaimed King that evening. I believe Frank Sinatra around the same time had to be rescued from the surf at the nearby beach."

"I also recall one Christmas when staff and Hotel guests piled into two or three cars and went off to deliver special holiday food hampers to many families on the island ( I recall the road just being a dirt one at the time.). Christmas carols were sung in English and Hawaiian and I'm sure we were led by that wonderful Larry Rivera and his wife...and his young family! It was a moving experience."

"I have vivid memories of a suckling pig roasting on the spit all day just outside the dining room. Combined with the fragrances of plumeria and other tropicals the smells were exotic! Poi was a new experience too that particular evening."

"Easter ...well the Easter Egg Hunt I'm sure is well remembered by all who participated..children of the hotel and staff alike ( it was certainly one big happy family)!!! Can you imagine at least fifty kids darting through that magnificent coconut grove...convinced that is where the Easter Bunny lives!"

"The grace of the librarian, who was a direct descendent of the last Hawaiian queen, was reflected in her lovely muu-muus and soft spoken delivery of times gone by. Grace Guslander was a special person. My brother and I knew that, as both my mother and father were so appreciative and so enjoyed an invitation to one of her cocktail receptions."

"Big John I remember for his stories and playing the ukelele and singing Hawaiian songs when we were out deep sea fishing on a converted PT boat..(although my brother and I found ourselves down below most of the time!)"

"These are just a few of many fond memories. I look forward to taking my children and my husband to Coco Palms when it is completed! Thank you for this opportunity to recall some of the best childhood memories with my family!"

Susan Pinton
Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

. . . . .

"In September of 1968 I spent time at Coco Palms with my husband who was on R&R during his tour in Vietnam. Needless to say, it was a VERY romantic time for us and Coco Palms was a wonderfully romantic place to spend a few days together."

"Some of the things I remember so vividly are the ceremony of the torches being lit, eating dinner by the lagoon, seeing that huge conch shell hanging overhead, the seashell wash basin in our room, that wonderful grove of coco palms, and so much more. The ambiance was so wonderful!"

Huntington Beach, California, USA

. . . . .

"I spent time as a kid running around the Coco Palms with friends getting chased away by the housekeepers. Those were the days! When I got older, I would go to the Coco Palms for dinner with friends, weddings, or take relatives there from the mainland for a visit of the grounds."

"No matter how many times I visited the Coco Palms, even as a kid, I always felt a true sense of being in Hawaii. The Coco Palms had an atmosphere of a Polynesian paradise that other hotels aspired, but could never achieve."

David J. Cisan
Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii USA

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