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Blue Hawaii

Coco Palms Memories

Here are more fond memories shared by former guests and visitors of the Coco Palms Hotel.

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"We just spent time on the Island of Kauai and while there we were able to view the Coco Palms. We felt the spirit of the place while all was quiet and serene.

"Knowing that it held so much history and rich culture, was quite a unique experience. It was like a ghost town, yet behind every rock wall, a beauty truly held captive within the Coco Palms boundaries, was revealed. The history of the Coco Palms, with Blue Hawaii being filmed there, and Elvis' presence must have truly enhanced the miracle of being on the Island of Kauai."

"I loved to pause, and look in a window or two, and pretend, that people were there, hustling, and bustling around, busy sightseers, workers and a star or two might be seen. The ghosts of what once was, and trying to entertain thoughts, of what will be once again - a grand hotel."

Connie K. Munson and Edward Weissman

. . . . .

"Coco Palms was infused with totally unabashed romanticism: torch lighting ceremony, wonderful music with traditional hula, happy staff. It was like Fantasy Island without the plane. Everyone who worked in the hotel radiated aloha in the most wonderful way I have ever felt in the islands."

David W. Lumpkins
Sewanee, Tennessee USA

. . . . .

"Our dinner reservation coincided nicely with the nightly torch lighting ceremony at the lagoon, a spectacle worthy for kings. After dining, we decided to take a slow walk among the palms. The trade winds blew warm, the graceful silhouette of palm branches brushed gently, painting a starry night, across the moonlit sky. I remember the sound of the wind that night, it passed like a thousand whispers through a thousand palms."

Richard and Barbara Kallevig
Shorewood, Minnesota USA

. . . . .

"My first of many stays at Coco Palms was 1963. How beautiful and romantic it was. I knew I'd return. Even as a teenager I knew it would remain in my heart forever. Our lives were put on pause for just a few minutes each night when we heard the sound of the conch shell and stood to watch the torchlighting ceremony."

Pam Glass
California USA

. . . . .

"The Coco Palms has a special place in our hearts. It was where my wife and I were married and have returned to many times. It is a place where we would stop, have dinner and visit the little church where it all began 27 years ago.

"When our son became engaged, he and his fiancee came to us and asked what we thought about them getting married at the little church at the Coco Palms. Our daughter and her fiance were also married at the chapel with the rest of us in attendance. Needless to say we were speechless and very happy that they would even think of getting married at the same place as mom and dad."

Bob and Anita Warden
Dana Point, California USA

. . . . .

"I first visited Coco Palms in the late spring of 1976. At that time, most everyone dressed Hawaiian style for evening activities. I was awed by the torch-lighting ceremony on my first visit and continued to be so for each of my subsequent visits over the years. As I recall, most lights were turned off at about 7:30 PM, and a recorded voice, which reminded me of Mercedes McCambridge, told a story starting with how the Hawaiians counted their days by nights."

"Then, a couple of outrigger canoes carrying several Hawaiians approached via a stream in front of the royal palm groove and was beached near a platform containing drums. I believe a conch was then blown, followed by the slow beating of the drums as the narration continued over the speaker system."

"Finally, a young Hawaiian wearing only a red loincloth ran through the palm grove swinging a torch in a vertical circle. The motion of the torch was timed by the runner so that it lit each tiki torch in the grove, one by one, as the runner progressed. Then, the lighting would be raised, and the evening's festivities would continue. I hope that scene can be recreated when Coco Palms is reopened."

John 'Keoni' Elwell
Carlsbad, California USA

. . . . .

"Our love affair with Kauai began when we spent Christmas at the Coco Palms as part of our honeymoon trip to the islands in 1963. Besides the awesomeme grounds and authentic rooms with the outrigger beds and the seashell sinks, it was the welcome we received that we remember so well. We were treated as if we were the only guests staying at the resort."

"Our picture was taken by the ancient firepit and printed in the Conch Shell Newsletter, which we still treasure after all these years. We now "come home" to our island paradise each year and hope to soon again enjoy the splendor of the swaying palms and flower filled lagoons of our Coco Palms."

Herman and Gita Tijsseling
Orangevale, California USA

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